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If people like you, they will listen to you
If people trust you, they 'll do business with you

“Zig Ziglar”

Let’s do the exercise to make a trusted BRAND.

If Coca-Cola were to lose all of its production-related assets in a disaster, the company would survive. By contrast, if all consumers were to have a sudden lapse of memory and forget everything related to Coca-Cola, the company would go out of business.

— Coca-Cola Executive

Why Branding So Important?

Branding is the launch pad that supports your business publicity and aides you to launch a new product in the market while shining out in the competition.

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Award-Winning Branding Solutions for Businesses and Companies

From Logo Designs to Brochure and Stationery Designs, We Give You a Complete Solution!

  • Corporate Identity
  • Business Redesign
  • Branding Consultancy
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Professional Custom Business Logo Design

Professional Custom Business Logo Design

The design of the logo will be the first thing a potential customer will notice while thinking about doing business with you. Creative and Professional logo designs are created by us reflecting the mission of the company that is understandable and easy to memorize. The status and integrity of the brand is reflected through the design of the logo.

Iconic Logo Design
Illustrative Logo Design
Animated Logo Design
Typographic Logo Design
Symbolic Logo Design
2D Animated Logo
Silhouette Logo Design
3D Animated Logo Design
Logo Re-design
Professional Business Redesign Process

Professional Business Redesign Process

Do you want to redesign your business? If you are thinking why, the answer is it will help you boost your image, traffic to your website, increase your website rankings, generate more leads and sales. At World e Mart we redesign the business taking into account the marketing perspective and branding considerations. The goals of the company is also met during the redesign process.

Best Branding Consultancy Services

Best Branding Consultancy Services

As far as a brand is concerned, once it is created it will be with the company for ever. Through branding consultancy the brand is discovered, marketed and managed through a strategic process. The brand strengthens the identity of the company and this is done through an extensive research of naming to graphics design and from content to the dialectal outlook.

Social Media Design Services

Social Media Design Services

As a premium business it is important to have the time line cover graphics and profile pictures to be customized in line with the brand identity. Various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn is an extension of your brand and a unique experience should be provided across the different social media profiles.

Inspiring Promotional Designs

Inspiring Promotional Designs

We at World e Mart offer a wide range of promotional design services that complement with your corporate identity and brand. The quality of your promotional creatives never compromised in quality, perfection and the idea to convey through the same creative.

Print Creatives
Digital Ads
Logo Formations
Promotional Videos
Logo Reveals and Intros

What are the Key elements of any successful brand

This segment will interact through examples on the four pillars of strength in terms of examples from the modern business domain.

  • Defining your brand is the first essential threshold you need to fulfill. For this you need to consider the elements like-
  • What your company is focusing at and what lies at the core of the establishment.
  • Your values and what your business stands for is an important element.
  • Where do you see yourself few years from now.
  • What personality you want to adorn.
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How to create
your own big idea

You need to do some research and ask yourself a few questions like

  • How to make a difference and how to stand out
  • What are you offering and how is it different from other companies.
  • What personality you want to reflect on
  • What do your buyers want
  • Is there any gaps in the market

You must get some outside opinion too and for this working with a brand management consultant is very helpful.

Once the vital elements are sorted out, it’s time that the various elements are put into action through designing, advertising, events and partnerships including staff trainings to name some. It is these elements that get your brand creation efforts going and give your buyers an idea about what to expect from you and your brand.

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What are the Elements of Branding

For a business to benefit and grow on global platforms, branding is a must. If this phenomena takes place as a result of certain perceptions created in people's minds, then it’s an effort to generate profit by harnessing the pool of target customers and let the business grow in a healthy manner. Any business can take advantage of branding if they are able to present themselves as a trusted and reliable organisation.
However, it's important to remember that complete control on a brand isn't possible due to the various external influences. What any smart business entrepreneur would do is create the proper blend of designing, advertising, promotion of products and services including the active corporate culture, to attract and influence the target groups to associate with the company to create its individual brand name. In various industries the various elements of product, market scenario, audience sentiments and external market influences may vary, but in every industry what you represent and what criteria you stand for are the factors that continue to remain the same.

How Brands are Being Modified

This scenario with its basic elements of control have been changed completely over the last few years as digital communications has revolutionised the entire branding and marketing packaging process. This new platform has given the consumers a bigger say and a louder voice to express its likings and opinion. Consumers can now exercise their right to analysis better as they can now openly compare brands and share their experiences in various social media platforms. A brand must have the capability to respond to this new development and evolve as per the expectations of the customers. This is also having a profound impact on the brands that are already topping the list of successful entities. The new communications era is also seeing a completely new market for brand promotions emerge out for the brands to reach out and create their niche. Trip Advisor is one of the famous King Makers or Breakers of the time, promoting real time opinions and observations by real people.
Taking a look at Coca-Cola, you can clearly understand and determine the contours of the changing brand representation. After 13 years of ruling, this brand was overthrown by Apple and Google in 2013. Both these brands are the leading technology gurus and are clearly not associated with the beverage industry, but what you need to understand about this changing weave of the branding attributes is that they provide such products and services that are clearly designed to render their customers with a much easier and comfortable lifestyle.
Just because Apple introduced iPod and iphone, it didn't escalate from the status of a computer manufacturing company to a media kingpin overnight. This happened because of their efforts to think differently and come up with their revolutionary signature products of iTunes by Apple and App Store by Google. They were clearly focused on creating something that would make things easier for their customers. Google's search engine is one of the best examples why people don't need a library or even a dictionary these days. Whatever you want to know, you can simply run a Google search and get your answers.
Both these brands sitting at the pinnacle of the branding success stories are resolutely focused on getting new and better applications for their customers. Adding to the cherry on the cake is their responsive attitude towards their customer requirements. They are always listening to what their customers (their appreciators and critics) have to say about their products and bring about innovations accordingly. Coke, though clearly overshadowed by these two new age technology giants is gradually getting hold of the contemporary marketing and branding techniques and is addressing the importance of mass opinion and the ability of a company to associate with its customers. 'Share a Coke' campaign started in 2013 is an example of their effort to diversify themselves and improvise on their branding strategies.

How Can You Make a Difference with Your Brand Creation and Promotion

Branding is very precisely one of the speedy and result producing ways to specify why your product is different and why it is desirable or better than others. Powerful branding strategies uplift an organisation from being just one of the brands to being 'The One' for majority buyers. It gives you a separate identify.
Branding attempts to connect with the buyers emotionally and aspires to win their trust as the ultimate solution for them at any given time. Clicking with your consumers emotionally, can help you win half the battle in the initial stage of product launch. For instance, Rachel's Organic Butter with a classic black packaging outfit appears to be high quality and reflects a sign of class, poise and a certain amount of boldness.

How Can You Add More Value to Your Product

People having faith on a particular brand are willing to pay more than what they would pay for the same item from an unbranded manufacturer. A brand can be created through a wide range of schemes and offers too.
For instance, Tesco being a super products and services brand began its journey as a mere economical superstore. The basic brand features have let the organisation move to a different market without shifting focus from their core brand name. The reverse can also happen. If buyers are not happy with a particular brand then they might not choose other products from the same brand.

How to Connect with People

For any brand it’s important to connect with the people and create such an advertisement that will strike the right chords with the buyers. If your advertisement creates an emotional association with the buyers then your product sell will increase by leaps and bounds.
For instance, iPod from Apple was a great hit with the music lovers who immediately connected with the emotional idea of carrying their music wherever they went. With this shift to the entertainment industry Apple proved its mettle as a brand for the people. This trend followed with the introduction of the iPhone, the iPod and eventually the App Store, and Apple is one of the prominent brands that's getting a substantial chunk of the limelight. With App Store they brought their computing technology into mainstream consumerism. The more the brand has been able to connect with people, the more this trait has empowered its brand identity.

We worked with leading brands and startups in 19 countries across the globe.

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