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World e Mart ERP Solutions
Powerful ERP and CRM Solutions for your business. Here you can see one of our best selling ERP for jewelers. It is highly scalable and customized for your requirement. We can provide ERP Solutions for any business
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  • Quotation
  • Based on Stock Retail
  • Markup on Stock Retail*
  • Print Quotation with Markup on Stock Retail adjusted in non standard priced components*
  • Discounting
  • No Discount
  • Item by Item Selling Price
  • Set Total Selling Price of all sold items
  • Percentage Discount on Quoted Retail
  • Selling Price on basis of negotiated parameters like Making, Wastage or material cost*
  • See Report of Discounts taken at POS
  • Payments
  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Check
  • Other Payments
  • Credit Voucher
  • Use Currency Conversion
  • Credit Sales
  • Make Payment Terms
  • Customer Information
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phones
  • E-mail
  • Anniversary, Birthday, Spouse Name
  • Referred By
  • Customer History
  • Separate Billing Address
  • Separate Delivery Address
  • Approvals*
  • Credit Sale
  • Below Cost Sale
  • Sales Persons
  • Record 5 Sales persons for each transaction
  • Record referral commission
  • Sales Returns
  • Find returning customer
  • Make Return of items sold to customer
  • Return Tax based on setup parameters
  • Issue payments or credit vouchers
  • Trade In Sales
  • Receive Old Gold, Old Jewelry items at certain value
  • Adjust for Sold Items, Payments or Credit Voucher
  • Order Collection and Delivery
  • Collect Orders for New Items, New Like Existing and Repairs
  • Receive Customer stock on memo for the order
  • Print Order Receipt
  • After order is ready make sale to the customer of the order
  • Return remaining customer stock received on memo
  • Merchandising
  • Create and Present Catalogs
  • Taxes
  • Sell Untagged stock
  • Price by Category selected at time of sale
  • Sell By Weight
  • Documents
  • Sale Invoice
  • Return Receipt
  • Appraisals
  • Order Receipt
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Purchase Order
  • Create Purchase Order by Style Number for Finished Items and by SKU for raw goods
  • Track Receipts as per purchase order
  • Purchase from vendor as owned stock
  • Close Purchase Order when receipts are completed
  • See On Order Report
  • Create stock to be received in work area
  • Verify the stock created
  • Purchase from vendor as owned stock
  • Return to Vendor
  • Purchase Consigned Stock from Vendor
  • See Purchase Report
Consigned Sales
  • Make Stock Transfer to Customers on Consignment
  • Record Terms with customers
  • Make Sale of items reported as sold
  • Receive return of unsold stock
  • Track Consignments memo wise
Inventory Control
  • Define SKU Format
  • Prefix can be combination of Department, Category, Subcategories
  • Serial Number can be Universal serial number, Prefix wise serial number or Random number
  • Raw Stock Types
  • Diamond Parcels
  • By Weight and Known Qty or Unknown Qty
  • Cut, Color Range,Clarity Range, Weight Range Gem Parcels
  • Gem Type, Shape, Hardness
  • Metal Parcels
  • By Weight
  • Metal, Known Purity and Unknown Purity
  • Segregate Raw Stock from one parcel to another parcel
  • Old Metal Processing
  • Collect Scrap and Old metals into designated parcels
  • Find Average purity of the old parcel
  • Send for Refining or sell as lot
  • Book losses or gains in this process
  • Finished Stock
  • Organize stock by Department, Category, Subcategories
  • Vendor, Vendor Style
  • Jewelry, Jewelry Sets and Jewelry Parcels
  • Bar coding
  • Print different types of bar code labels depending on type of item
  • Images
  • Stock Creation
  • Create Item by Item
  • Verify Finished Stock and or Raw Stock
  • Make Stock Transfer to Customers on Consignment
  • Bulk Creation of pure metal items or generic stone items
  • Scan or Load item image while creation
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Remove Stock - With Reason Code
  • Add Stock - With Reason Code
  • Diamond and Gem Solitaires
  • Weight, 4C's, Certificates
  • Create Pairs
  • Add Multiple Certificates with images
  • Pricing - Cost and Retail
  • Create Price Definitions for Finished Stock by Department, Category, Subcategories
  • Maintain Dynamic and or Ticket Price of items
  • Dynamic Pricing based on Component Pricing+Costs
  • Component Pricing linked from raw stock pricing or overridden for the item
  • Price Raw Stock and link Price of Finished Stock with merged raw stock
  • Add Multiple costs to the Item or Price Definition
  • Costs can be Absolute, by Metal Weight, by Gross Weight, Percentage up or down
  • Markdown or Markup stock prices for promotions, seasonal sales, clearance sale
  • Stock Verification
  • Scan item by item, Load from a list, or manually type the SKUs
  • Multiple users can verify same stock
  • Verify Stock by location
  • Verify By Department, Categories or other parameters
  • Add remarks while verification for discrepancies
  • See summary and detailed report of verification
  • See Report of old verifications
  • Make Stock Corrections and regenerate verification reports
  • By Department, Category, Subcategories, Vendor, Vendor Style
  • By Retail Range
  • By Gross Weight, Metal Weight Range
  • By Quality and Weight of Stones
  • By Quality and Weight of Stones
  • or any combination of above
  • Take report of searched items
  • Reporting
  • Parcel-Report
  • Approval-Report
  • Entity-Balances
  • Entity-Label
  • Sales-Report
  • Payment-Report
  • Sold-Memo-Report
  • Stock-Movement
  • Styles-Report
  • Reorder-Report
  • Jewelry-Price-Sheet
  • Missing-Images
  • Trial-Balance
  • Work flow
  • Create Work flows for Shows, Received items, Order processing
  • Stock Management
  • See Aging Report
  • See Reorder Report
Contract Worker Management
  • Allocate Orders and Materials for Contract Workers
  • Allocate Material on order or Replenishment basis
  • Print Job Envelop
  • Transfer Allocated orders to Worker
  • Created Finished Stock by merging or extracting Materials into Finished Stock
  • Automatically adjust Material by purity
  • Record payments to workers for the order
  • See Worker Report for Transactions and Work done over a time period
Stock Receipt on Consignment
  • Automatically adjust for wastage terms
  • Automatic Calculation of Worker Payment
  • Receive Finished Stock and remaining materials from workers
  • Receive Stock on Consignment
  • Make sale of Consignment stock to customers
  • See Sold and yet to be Purchased stock
  • Make Purchase of Consignment Stock
  • Return unsold Consignment stock
  • Track Consignments by consignment number
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In-House Manufacturing
  • All functions of Contract Worker available for In-house manufacturing
  • Create Desks like Casting, Setting and define stock movement between desks
  • Define Loss types and Loss Values for Desks/Workers
  • Available Loss Types are
  • Percentage of Weight
  • Fixed Weight
  • By number of Stones
  • Any Loss Type can be made editable
  • Move Stock between desks.
  • Account for Loss, Broken Stones etc
  • Look at Loss report, Segregate Loss Gold to refined Gold, Book Real loss Orders and Repairs
  • Make Orders for New Items, New Like Existing, Repairs
  • Make Estimate, Record Promise Date and Instructions
  • Print Order Receipt
  • Print Job Envelop
  • Fabricate the Order
  • Make sale of order to customer with value addition
  • Cancel Order
  • Transfer order to another customer

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