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Project Scope
The portal is designed for internal recruitment purpose more than a regular job portal. It will simplify the normal paper work to shortlist candidates and interview calling. The software is featured to filter candidates, inform them for interview, shortlist candidates, store large number of resumes according to server capacity and normal job portal features like candidates can apply for jobs from front end of the portal etc.
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Recent Projects
Resume Posting
Job seekers can build resumes online by filling out a simple web form; edit, delete or deactivate posted resumes; add photos, and attach files. Auto suggest system will help job seeker to fill the fields. Resumes marked as anonymous will not display contact details."Resume visibility" option filters the visibility of a resume for selected employers.
Video Resume Upload
Job seekers can upload their video resume to be displayed within their online resume. Resume can be uploaded as a video file or embedded from YouTube.
Online Application
Job seekers are able to apply for a job online through a simple web form; specify cover letter, attach an online resume or resume file to the application. They also can undergo a screening questionnaire (if added by a job owner).
Quick And Easy Job Browsing And Viewing
Job seekers can browse jobs as standard list search results display and map view (all jobs are displayed on a map).It is possible to save interesting jobs; add personal notes for saved jobs; add comments and ratings to the selected jobs; email jobs to friends. Job seekers are also able to check jobs recommended by the system in "Suggested Jobs" section of their account. "Recently Viewed Jobs" section displays recently accessed jobs.In case a job seems to be fraud it is possible to flag job by specifying a flag reason.
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Highly Effective Job Search
  • Job seekers are provided with a possibility to search jobs by different criteria including keywords and location with radius search.
  • Search by company tool allows searching companies by name and location, or browsing companies by alphabet.
  • Interesting job searches can be saved for later review.
  • Job seekers can refine job search results to dynamically filter search results.
Job Alerts
Job alert system will help job seekers to be updated on the latest jobs they are interested in by email. The job alerts can be set up for daily, weekly and monthly update.
Private Messaging And Notifications
Private messaging system allows job seekers to communicate with employers via web site without providing contact information.
It is possible to save contacts to a separate section of the inbox.
Notifications and reminders can be set up by job seekers to be notified on certain activities such as resume activation/expiration, product activation/expiration, new private messages, applications approval/rejection and much more.
Rich Employer Panel
Job Posting
Employers can post jobs online by filling out the simple web form; clone, edit, delete or deactivate posted jobs. Adding photos, files and videos (video file and YouTube video) is also possible.
Auto suggest system will help employers to fill the fields.
Bulk job import allows employer to import jobs from excel/csv file.
Employers are able to post jobs for a maximum allowed period or select an earlier date for a job to expire.
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Effective Resume Search
Employers are able to search resumes by different criteria including keywords and location (with radius search); select between standard list search results display and map view.
It’s also possible to save resumes and resume searches; create/manage resume alerts and receive latest resumes by email.
Resumes can be downloaded in PDF file for later review.
Employers can add personal notes for saved resumes and email resumes to friends.
Printer friendly resume details page is available.
It is possible to set up RSS feeds for each saved resume search.
Application Tracking
Employers are provided with all necessary tools to view, accept or reject applications from job seekers.
It is possible to choose between online application process and redirection to a certain URL (e.g. employer site). Employers also can set up a separate email to receive applications to.
Screening Questionnaires

An employer can create screening questionnaires to filter only relevant applicants.

It is possible to add questions with different answer types (text, yes/no, single choice and multiple choice) and assign certain passing scores for each question.

Once a job seeker undergoes a questionnaire during application process employer will get an average score and see whether the candidate fits to the position or not.

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Promotion And Marketing
Employers can become a featured employer and have their logo displayed on the home page.
They are also welcomed to create a company profile– a special page containing company info and all company jobs.
Employer’s priority jobs will stand out above average search results marked with different color.
Featured jobs posted by an employer will appear on the main page. Distribution of latest job postings is possible via RSS feeds.
Private Messaging And Notifications
Private messaging system allows employers to communicate with job seekers via web site without providing contact information.
It is possible to save contacts to a separate section of the inbox.
Notifications and reminders can be set up by employers to be notified on certain activities such as job activation/expiration, product activation/expiration, new private messages and much more.
Employer Sub Accounts
Employers can create sub-accounts and set up certain permissions for them. For example it’s possible to create sub-accounts with limited functionality for employers HR managers.
Employer Reports
Employers have a section in their accounts where they can track quick stats on the current number of jobs, job views and applications received. It is also possible to track general statistics per certain period (month, week, day) and specific performance data on each job.
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Revenue Generation and Billing
Variety of Charging Options
Products system offers a wide range of tools to create a flexible commercial model of a job board.
You can charge users for job or resume posting, access resume or job search results, banner ads and much more.
Users can be charged for a certain number of postings with fixed price. They can also be charged for bulk job and resume postings and the price will depend on the volume of the postings they select.
It is possible to charge users for the number of job/resume views and number of job seeker/employer contact details views.
Besides predefined products it is also possible to create custom products and charge users for any additional services (for example “Resume building service”).
You can charge employers for featured employer option when their logo is displayed on the home page.
If needed you can give employers a free trial service to try job posting or resume access.
Users can be charged for products and services on one-time or recurring payment basis.
The system can be set up to allow users to proceed to posting before checkout. A user will select a product, then post a job or resume under it and then will be asked to pay for the product to activate posted job or resume.
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Shopping Cart
By means of Shopping Cart users can shop on the job board easily buying as much products as they need within single transaction.
Within shopping cart users will be able to see all details of the transaction including sub total sum, tax payments and total amount.
You can set up Promotion Codes to offer discounts for certain products and services.
Promotions can be set up to be applied only to the selected range of products or to all products users choose.
Promotions can be set up to give percentage or fixed amount discounts. Promotion code usage can be limited or unlimited.
You can track promotion codes usage in promotion codes logs.
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Invoices and Taxes
  • Each payment is formalized by an invoice.
  • Invoices can be printed, downloaded in PDF and sent by email to a user.
  • The system of tax rules allows to set taxes for different countries and states.
  • You will be able to track down transaction history and gateway responses from payment gateways from Admin Panel.
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Payment Gateways
A wide range of the most popular Payment Gate ways is available for you to bill users for products and services: Additional gateways cab be added.
  • PayPal Standard
  • PayPal Pro
  • 2Checkout
  • Authorize.net
All payment gateways include an option of recurring billing.
SEO and online marketing
Search Engine Optimization
  • WEM E Recruiter offers a wide range of SEO tools for proactive job board search engine optimization.
  • All job board URLs are SEO friendly by default but customizable to your needs as well. You will be provided with all necessary tools to add any SEO friendly keyword and description meta tags to any page.
  • XML Site Map improves SEO of a site by collecting site links to be indexed by web crawlers.
  • 404 HTTP page returns the “404 Not Found” message for expired, deactivated or deleted listings.
SEO and online marketing
Newsletter And Mass Mailing
  • Mail Chimp Plug-in of WEM E Recruiter software enables site visitors to subscribe for newsletters on Mail Chimp platform.
  • Built-in mass mailing system allows sending newsletters with different promotion campaigns to attract site users to visit it again.
Job Export To Job Aggregators
  • Custom XML feeds are an ability to create different XML feeds in the Admin Panel. This allows easily distributing job postings to other sites like Indeed or Simply Hired etc.
XML Job Import
  • XML import allows importing jobs from other sites (e.g. companies sites) which provide their data in XML feed
  • A wide range of job board statistic reports is available for you to track down. You can access a comprehensive general statistics table to get a quick overview of job board stats on: Popularity, Users, Listings, Sales, Alerts and Plugins.
  • You can also access detailed reports on Jobs/Resumes, Applications/Views, Sales per period (by user, category and location) and promotion codes usage for more detailed analysis.
Google Analytics Plugin
  • You can enter his tracking ID for Google Analytics in Admin Panel and get Google Analytics tracking code automatically placed in the needed template. After this is done it is possible to track Google Analytics statistics in Google Analytics account.
Admin Panel Dashboard
  • Dashboard displays quick statistics in Admin Panel which includes the information on online and registered users, postings added and payments made.
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iPhone Application
An innovative way to access your job board directly from iPhone. Job Seekers can register on a job board and search jobs including radius search around their current location. They can create job alerts and apply for selected jobs. Jobs can be viewed on map, emailed to a friend or saved for later review. Job seekers can view their resumes and save contacts directly in their iPhone contact lists.
Android Application
An innovative way to access your job board directly from Android devices. Job Seekers can register on a job board and search jobs including radius search around their current location. They can create job alerts and apply for selected jobs. Jobs can be viewed on map, emailed to a friend or saved for later review. Job seekers can view their resumes and save contacts directly in their Android contact lists.
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Mobile Version
  • A mobile-friendly simplified job board functionality. Looks and functions equally well on all smart phones including iPhones and Android based devices.
  • Job seekers can search jobs by keywords and location, view and apply, save jobs; save job alerts, manage profile, resumes and saved jobs directly from mobile phone.
  • Moreover job seekers can register on the WEM E RECRUITER manage their profile, resumes, saved jobs directly from their accounts. For more information please visit Mobile Version page.
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Facebook Recruiting Application
  • WEM E RECRUITER Facebook Recruiting Application is a modern recruitment tool that leverages the power of the most popular social network ever existed. The application allows you to create your own personally branded page on Facebook featuring jobs from main WEM E RECRUITER.
  • It automatically connects job board with Facebook and dynamically displays jobs on Facebook page.
  • Job seekers search jobs on Facebook and when they are ready to apply they are sent directly to the main WEM E RECRUITER.
  • The application provides user-friendly search module allowing to search jobs by keywords and location.
  • For more information please visit Facebook Recruiting Application page.
Social Network Connect
  • Simple registration and login with Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ account. Resume auto filling from Facebook and LinkedIn accounts speeds up resume creation process for job seekers. Moreover, job seekers can synchronize resumes with Facebook and LinkedIn for regular update from these social network accounts.
  • Facebook ‘Like’ button available on job/resume details pages.
  • LinkedIn ‘Company Insider Widget’ in the ‘Company Info’ block displays a list of user connections working in this company, and a link to a company profile page on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn ‘User Profile Widget’ is a job seeker’s brief info and a link to LinkedIn profile displayed on a resume page.
  • For more information please visit Social Network Connect page.
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Job Posting on Social Networks for Users
After a job is posted on a job board users can easily and quickly re-post it on their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ accounts not leaving your job board.
Job Posting on Social Networks for Admin
You as an Admin can set up job feeds for your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. The jobs posted by employers will be automatically posted on your job board accounts on these social networks ensuring your strong presence in social media. The set up process is simple and clear.
Blog And Forum
  • WEM E RECRUITER includes Word press integration plug-in that displays Word Press blog posts on front end and makes possible the connection between your job board and your blog.
  • By means of PhpBB forum integration plug-in job board users can visit job board forum without registration or login to forum, which makes their job board journey more comfortable.
Share This
  • Ability for users to share content with others via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc.
  • You can change a format and style of the widget and enable/disable it for News, job/resume details pages or All Pages of a job board.
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Admin and Global Features
Admin and Global Features
User Management And Configuration
WEM E RECRUITER user groups are highly customizable. You can add fields of different types for user registration form, set permissions for user groups, approve or reject registered users, set default value for any field of user profile.
The option of users import/export is included as well.
Job/Resume Management And Configuration
  • You will get unlimited control over jobs and resumes including adding, editing, deleting, activating/deactivating etc.
  • It is possible to eliminate unwanted and scam postings from your site by approving them first.
  • You can add unlimited number of custom job and resume fields of different types (text, list, checkbox etc.); set default value for any field of listing; set user profile field value as a default value and much more.
  • Job/resume import from xls or csv file is available. Jobs/resumes can be also exported to xls file.
Email Settings
  • Emails can be set up to be sent via SMTP, Send mail or PHP Mail functions. You can enable Email Scheduling and specify the number of emails to be sent by the system per hour in order to optimize the email server load.
  • Different email templates can be created and assigned for different functions. It is possible to create a custom design for emails and use the list of available variables for dynamic content.
  • By means of Email Log section you can monitor all the emails sent by the system.
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Geographic Settings
  • Location field allows users to search jobs and resumes by Country, State, State Code, City, Zip Code in one single field.
  • You can upload a single list of countries that will be available for users on registration, job/resume search and posting forms. States/regions can be added for each country so once a country is selected it is possible to select states/regions specific to this country.
  • Setting up a default country allows aiming your job portal for a particular region.
  • Importing zip code database with latitudes and longitudes will make zip code radius search available for particular region.
  • There is an updated US zip code database in the system by default however any other zip code database can be added as well.
Security Tools
  • The job board will be fully compatible with the EU law about cookies if this option is enabled.
  • CAPTCHA verification forms can be set up for pages to ensure basic job board security.
  • HTML filter tool allows to set HTML tags allowed for user to use in WYSIWYG forms.
  • You can ban particular IP addresses, to avoid spamming.
  • It is possible to filter bad words which are not permitted to be entered by user. If the website is in a maintenance mode you can make the job portal front-end accessible only from specified IPs.
  • Particular web crawlers can be disabled to visit job board index pages on a job portal in order to reduce load of the site.
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WEM E RECRUITER is a multi-language and multi-currency platform. Frontend and Admin Panel can be easily translated to your native language (no template modifications required!). The front-end is already available in the following languages:
  • English
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Farsi
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • Netherlands
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
Language translations exchange between WEM E RECRUITER powered websites is possible by means of language import/export tool.
Static content translation tool allows displaying static content to user in the language he chooses.
Right to Left Layout for certain languages is available.
Multi-currency system allows to add unlimited number of currencies to the system and set exchange rates. Currency list will be displayed to user for salary field, and system will automatically convert salary value to the default currency.
You can set a needed time zone that will be used for a job board.
Currency sign can be set up to be displayed before amount of after it.
News Module
Creation and management of News and News Categories is possible via Admin Panel. News content can be edited using WYSIWYG. News block display can be either enabled or disabled on front-end. Number of active News to be displayed on front-end can be set up.
Creation and management of polls is made easy via Admin Panel. It is possible to create separate polls for different user groups and languages; set a period for each poll to be displayed for job board users; set activation/deactivation date for each poll.
Automatic Updater
Automatic Updater is a section on the Admin Panel dashboard displaying available minor updates and updating system automatically if needed to load a new release.
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Portal Performance
Performance tools will help you to optimize job board performance. It is possible to turn on caching and gzip-compression to enhance the software output.
Profiler utility will help you to track down website performance in live mode.
Backup / Restore Facility
Using the "Backup / Restore" function you can make backup (s) of the system any time it is needed and restore the data from backup. Backups can be created either manually or automatically once per selected period (day, week, month).
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