Ecommerce Portal Development

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Enabling the Entire Ecosystem for selling Online.

Everything at your fingertips

Professional user interface with advanced navigation

Seamless integration with local and international payment gateways

Can enable logistic partners based on business requirements

Integration with multiple market places and social channels

Simple and detailed dashboard systems

Inbuilt SMS & E-mail marketing tools

All Ecommerce Features you get from a WorldeMart powered Ecommerce Store

Everything you need to sell online, build and grow an online ecommerce store.

Administration Features

  • Add/Edit/Delete categories and sub-categories Add/Edit/Delete products
  • Configure special / on sale products
  • Configure expected products
  • Configure featured products
  • Setup attributes (ex. Color options - Red, Yellow for Roses) Setup cross-sell products
  • Configure tax
  • Payments
  • Credit card (PayPal)
  • Private dedicated gateway
  • Offline payment
  • Account number (Credit account)

Super Control Panel Features Catalog Features

  • Advanced search
  • Product images
  • Multiple images of the same product Product description
  • Product attributes
  • Product manufacturers / brands
  • Display products category-wise
  • Display products occasion-wise
  • Display products price-wise
  • Customer registration and account login Minimum order value
  • Separate shipping and billing addresses Automatic email of receipt to customer Featured products on homepage

Merchandising Tools

  • Put products on sale Product cross-sell
  • Product reviews
  • Add to wish list option
  • Discount coupons


  • Sales - daily, weekly, monthly
  • Products viewed
  • Top sellers quantity-wise
  • Top sellers price-wise
  • Total orders per customer - value-wise
  • Customer statistics
  • Web statistics (Google Analytics)
  • Set status of categories / products to active or inactive

Ecommerce Control Center

Sales - Ecommerce

  • Item by Item Selling Price
  • Credit Voucher from company
  • Payments - Cash/ Credit Card/ Credit Card
  • Customer Information - Name, Address, Phones, E-mail
  • Customer History
  • Separate Billing Address
  • Separate Delivery Address
  • Print Order Receipt


  • Create stock to be received in work area
  • Verify the stock created
  • Purchase from vendor as owned stock
  • Return to Vendor
  • Purchase Consigned Stock from Vendor
  • See Purchase Report


  • Expenses
  • Record expenses by head
  • Bank Accounts
  • Create Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Issued checks automatically credited to the corresponding account
  • Received checks and CC payments can be manually credited to the account when deposited Tax Report for Tax Period
  • Deposit Tax for the Tax Period
  • Trial Balance*
  • Export to other accounting systems

Stock Receipt on Consignment

  • Receive Stock on Consignment
  • Make sale of Consignment stock to customers
  • See Sold and yet to be Purchased stock
  • Make Purchase of Consignment Stock
  • Return unsold Consignment stock
  • Track Consignments by consignment number
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