Nirbhayam Mobile App For Women Safety

App Scope & Overview

The app will be an emergency police help solution for women when they are in an emergency or in critical situation. App must be user friendly in front end as it is an emergency solution for a person in her/his critical situation and there for the app user interface will be always live once onetime signup is finished. Once a person signed up the app will be ready to use and always the emergency screen will be opened for quick use. On a single click help request will be sent to control room with persons details and map location using GPS and Google Map API.

App will be working with four different request models based on different situations by the user. Simple click and hold help button will immediately sent emergency request to control room with user name, mobile number, email id, immediate contacts and current user location. (When user press the help button app will record the current location and pass to control room)

User can type message and send help request. In this method user can type a message and press help button to request help. The app will sent location and other information along with the message by the user. This information will be useful for the emergency rescue team. Audio recording with help request. If user unable to type a message but need to convey a message user can press and hold on audio recording button and record voice. This method should be designed and programmed with audio profiling in realtime and send to dashboard. Audio recording non drop , non-quit mode is required as if victims phone may be grabbed by the attacker if noticed recording voice, such case even if the phone grabbed during recording the app will be sending audio till recorded with location and user details as the record button once released or finger position dropped app will understand it’s a command to send audio as a request. This functionality is important for safe recording or force recording of audio requests.

If situation allows user can take picture and send request to control room. Click camera and take picture and send to control room. In this case also user don’t need to do anything extra as take a picture and send, the app will automatically record location and other info will be passed to control room. The fourth type of request model is video recording and send to control room. This facility can be used based on situation. User can record video and send to control room without doing any additional efforts. Photos, Videos and Audios are critical informations and true evidences of the crime happening Realtime and it is highly valuable for further proceedings whether the user have been rescued or not.

App Platforms

Android App


WEB Application

The app should work without internet

A user in an emergency and no internet on phone should not be a reason for not getting help. There for a parallel solution should be implemented for the same. Normally an IVR facility should be deployed for this facility which is very expensive and recurring cost also will be high.

Here is a parallel solution which is another android application. This application is designed to receive SMS from the user in case no internet connection in his mobile. The main app will detect no internet in his/ her mobile and send the request as an SMS with user mobile, message if any and his location coordinates. The run mode standalone app will read this and identify the user and post to control room dashboard within seconds. This way the IVR facility can be avoided as the complicated task will be handled by the standalone app specially developed for the same.

Complexity Of The Program

The total system is working with 4 different applications. And 20 different control panels.

Web Application – Main Control Panel

Web application is developed for controlling entire control rooms and emergency requests by the users. The app dash board will be capable to manage each control rooms and providing separate dashboards to each control panels and each control rooms can login to their own control panels and manage user emergency requests and assigning officers etc.

iOS Mobile App – User Side Application

For iPhone users. App can be downloaded from APP store and onetime signup required to use forever. Even if the user changed device user can login to another mobile with same user account credentials.

Android Mobile App

For Android Users. App can be downloaded from APP store and onetime signup required to use forever. Even if the user changed device user can login to another mobile with same user account credentials.

Programs To Be Developed & Implemented

  • Web Application
  • iOS Mobile App
  • Android Mobile App
  • Standalone APP For No Internet Requests
  • Google MAP API Integration
  • SMS Gateway For OTP
  • Email Server Config
  • Data Backup & Purging

Key Functionalities

1. User can send location only

Just press and hold the help button for 5 seconds and the app send alert to control room with user location and user name, age, city, email id, mobile number and immediate contact phone numbers.

2. User can send message along with location

Type a message in the message filed and Just press and hold the help button for 5 seconds and the app send alert to control room with user location and user name, age, city, email id, mobile number and immediate contact phone numbers.

3. User can send photo along with location

Use the inbuilt camera in app and click photo. Once a photo clicked app will ask “USE PHOTO” or not if selected USE PHOTO the app send photo to control room with user location and user name, age, city, email id, mobile number and immediate contact phone numbers.

4. User can send audio along with location

Use the inbuilt audio recorder and record audio by pressing and holding like audio message in WhatsApp. Once the recording button released the app send audio message to control room with user location and user name, age, city, email id, mobile number and immediate contact phone numbers.

5. User can send video along with location

Use the inbuilt video recorder and record video by using video recorder in app. Once the recording button released app ask to use video or not if tap on use video the app send video to control room with user location and user name, age, city, email id, mobile number and immediate contact phone numbers.

Web Application Functionalities

The web application is highly powerful and handling all the requests Realtime. When a request coming to panel the system will detect the user and request location and automatically place it nearest control room. Control room officer can view the request with all informations user provided and take immediate action.

The dashboard allows to view map, view user informations and user immediate contact details and other informations such as audio, video and photos if any.

Web application has a super control panel and 20 sub control panels for control rooms. From the super control panel, we can add / edit / remove control rooms and provide control panels to each control room and assign officers under each control rooms.

By adding officers under each control panel when an emergency registered the quick info along with map location can be shared to officer mobile via WhatsApp sharing option.

Control panels are equipped with viewing map location of the user emergency request and satellite view also will be available to identify nearest buildings and landmarks.

How To Handle No Internet Requests (SMS)

In case of no internet requests the standalone app will be posting data to super control panel and super control panel will be assigning the request by identifying user info and location to the nearest control room for emergency help. The standalone app will be running in a dedicated android phone as an SMS server in control room and capture all SMS based requests and read All SMS and identify user requests by mobile number from the super control panel database and post it on behalf of the registered user.

This function will be happening within seconds to post the request on dashboard and ensure emergency help to the person who requested help. This solution is a parallel service of a dedicated IVR system which very expensive and same time the performance of IVR system cannot be predicted as it is running by a third party and any assistance required will be time consuming and expensive. Here the app will be dedicated in our own control room and serving as a dedicated robot and very less maintenance required for the same comparing the dedicated expensive IVR System.


While user sending audio, video and photo the app should compress / profile the media content Realtime and publish to the web dashboard which is highly complicated and time is very important. Delay in request receiving is the highest challenge and there for the technology and performance of the app and especially the server is very important as these all activities happening in seconds.

Even if a user send request through SMS the system should identify the user and post it in seconds. System should identify the user within seconds and post to super control panel and assign to nearest control room.

Web app dashboard has total control and reports and entire case can be viewed and control room panels will show only the cases registered under their control rooms. Control panel should be equipped with SMS and Google Map API changes and updates.

Super control panel can add/ edit remove users and manage public users. Same time super control panel can remove fake request and completed tasks etc.

Auto Allocation To Nearest Control Room

Another challenge is when a user send an emergency request from a location the system should identify the nearest control room and assign to the particular control room within seconds. We have to use Google Geo Fencing for this functionality by using each control rooms longitude and latitude and the system will be automatically calculating the distance from the given data and identify which control room the request should be posted. Example some places like Thrissur rural and Thrissur city are there, In this case also the request origin should be identified and calculated the distance and assigning the task to nearest control room.

Shifting A Case

Some case can be moved to another limits of control rooms as the victim may traveling even after requesting emergency help. Such cases the final destination of case may be a different control room (Police station limit) such cases the super control panel team can shift the case to desired control room. For this permission from super control room is manadatory.

App Technical Features

Quick help request by pressing and holding help button for 5 seconds

Messaging Option

Photo Sending Option – Automatic Compression Required For Fast Delivery

Video Sending Option – Video should be profiled Realtime to send control center to ensure quick delivery and save storage space. Clarity and detail of video should be lost while profiling.

Voice Recording & Sending Option – Audio should be recorded with clarity and compressed Realtime and send to control center to ensure quick delivery.

Above all requests will go along with user’s current location with personal details to control room whenever the user using the help feature in an emergency situation from the app.

Google MAP API and Google Geo Fencing will be used for locating the user Realtime. While a user sending a help request the location accuracy is very important and there for google MAP API and Geo Fencing should be used to get maximum accuracy of the location.

Satellite view of the location also preferred in same screen.

Web Based ADMIN Dashboard

When a user submits a help request admin will receive the request on web dashboard with user details and map location. Admin will inform nearest patrolling vehicle and save the user.

Admin dashboard will be coming with users list and request lists.

Admin can view requests

Admin can view mark request closed

Admin can Delete requests

Admin can view user details and map coordinates

Admin can video videos with the request

Admin can listen audio records with the request

Admin can view photos with the requests.

Coordinates Also Can Be Shown Along With Request

SMS API will be connected for mobile verification

Admin can update status of request

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