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  • Mr. R. Sreekandan Nair

    Our Customers

    Mr. R. Sreekandan Nair

    Managing Director,
    Insight Media City (India) Pvt. Ltd.

    Highly acclaimed Television personality with 27 years of media
    experience. Was instrumental in the success of Asianet and
    Mazhavil Manorama. Now at the helm of India's first media city
    Insight Media City.

    “ I never have to think back from the moment
    they stepped in. Young turks at 24 x 7 "

  •  Mr. Anil Ayroor

    Our Customers

    Mr. Anil Ayroor

    Vice President,
    Insight Mediacity (India) Pvt. Ltd.

    A technocrat specialised in television content generation. His sharp skills in the
    industry is testimony when you watch Asianet Plus ,Mazhavil Manorama and many
    successful media projects nationally. State and national laurels followed his work.

    He won Guinness world record for designing the world's biggest Xmas Star
    Ornament in Kochin in 2009.

    “ At World e Mart they perfectly blend technology and
    creativity, Rarely seen in this IT field. Thats why i choose
    World e Mart over others. "

  • Jyothy Sreeedhar

    Our Customers

    Jyothy Sreeedhar

    Professional Blogger

    I saw my future as a writer and I launched my pen safely there.
    Naming my collection as 'A Pen in the Clouds', I watched them drift by
    as naturally as destiny's running frames. A good number of regular
    online readers started following my pen. Nothing is as passionate as
    writing is for me which pushed off my then existing various professions
    in media.

    “ That's exactly what World e Mart sets up for me! "

    www.jyothysreedhar.com www.facebook.com/jyovoice

  • Radhika

    Our Customers


    Cine Artist & Entrepreneur,
    Brand - Prajodaya

    Belonging to a conservative Tamil Brahmin family from South India, Radhika has learned various
    classical dances, music & instruments from childhood and has acted in over 25 films till now.
    Passionate about arts and have a taste for Tanpura (or Tambura, Tanpuri), Crochets, Paintings,
    Wax Sculpting, Knit Arts & Murals.

    “ World e Mart done a great job for my new venture Prajodaya, their professional
    guidance helped me to take important decisons for a startup. They provided the
    highest quality Facebook connect site, and as it was our first experience – that is
    exceptional for an agency to get it right first time. We worked well together and
    found their reaction time and expertise timely and efficient. ”

  • Jean Bernard Conde

    Our Customers

    Jean Bernard Conde

    Adricom Inc.

    “ World e Mart did an amazing job of making
    our vision come to life! We appreciate the
    one-to-one work relationship, you’ve got our
    business for all site work. Thanks for sharing
    your knowledge. ”

There are different companies engaged in website design, software development and brand development firms. World e Mart is the one best known for doing all these under one roof.

Mark Terry

We were referred to World e Mart from colleagues of ours in India. Not only have we been surprised at the depth of knowledge on latest web standards, we found ourselves working with the best web development team in India.

Marion Lewis

After launching our website we have received several positive feedbacks regarding the design. People tell us the web design is professional, well organized, easy to navigate and easy to read on. The team at World e Mart is great to work with and we thank them for the great advice they give us.

Marcy Decell

We approached World e Mart in a web design audit to get a new look and feel for our website. The insight of their team was extremely valuable, addressing both the big picture and small details. We appreciate the objective focused approach what we needed exactly.

Colleen Kernez

World e Mart is a top rated high end software development company that we will be working closely in future. We worked with the team at India from Adelaide and working remotely was smooth and reliable.

Monique Ogilvie

We hired World e Mart to do a start up design for our website and they created an amazing brand that communicated to our demographic clearly increasing our sales. We definitely recommend the entire team!

John Smith

From beginning till end, the team at World e Mart was thorough and professional and went through every detail. They took time to resolve issues by asking the right questions at the right time during the project. They figured out exactly what we wanted to achieve with our website. They took the time to put our company on the Google map.

Jeff Gorelik h

We appreciate the timely, thorough and relevant communications received from World e Mart and thank for the business recommendations they have provided outside of the web development to us.

Leonora Young

Our website has been such a great investment, and it certainly contributed to increase our revenue when the economy was down! We take this opportunity to thank the entire team at World e mart for the contributions they made.

Julie Nichols

The World e Mart team have done phenomenal results in a very short period of time. Our newly redesigned website is easy to navigate even on mobile and some visitors have actually shared comments that it is one of the best they have ever seen in this sector.

Susan Soltani

We worked with leading brands and startups in 19 countries across the globe.

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